Piyut – Piyutim showcases and represents a lineup of artists working in the liturgy ( Piyut ) field in Israel. Within this website, you’ll find biographical details about the liturgists, their liturgy and venues in which they perform in and around the country. You’ll also find Piyut – Piyutim videos that are performed by artists featured on this website.

The website owner is Charlie – Shalom Peretz, a talented percussion teacher & player, who ventured to develop and launch a website in an effort to promote the subject of liturgy. Liturgy used to be exclusively connected with our forefathers, but today the Israeli public is well aware of the field, and is our duty to continue and enrich the Piyut – Piyutim website to enhance its exposure even more. We welcome you to enjoy the Piyut – Piyutim content and to send us feedback through the contact form.

Shalom ‘Charlie’ Peretz was born in 1961 and at the age of two immigrated to Israel from Morocco. Ever since his youth, he was naturally exposed to the magic and the many facets of Andalusian liturgy, as many liturgists were his very own family and friends.

His love for Moroccan and Algerian music originated from 60s, 70s and 80s records, as well as from his mother and family, who sang at family occasions, to the roaring applause of the audience.

As a young boy, he studied ethnic and Andalusian rhythms, and became the lead drummer in his class, later on playing in a variety of bands and orchestras. During the early 80s, he gained public recognition after playing with leading Moroccan musicians such as Shiah Moaizo, Nino Bitton (to whom he attributes much of his musical knowledge) David Needam-Halutz, the late Sliman Almagribi, the great Joe Amar, the renowned Andalusian violinist Joseph Shriki and yet another talented violinist, Maxim Mishali.

As of the early 90s, Charlie played for a year in Shlomo Bar’s band “Habraybra Hateevet” in the “Briya” production, and toured the country. During this time, he also served as a band member in different Andalusian ensembles. Between 1994 and 2000, Charlie was the producer for the Kazmix, a 12-person orchestra, until he finally fell in love with liturgy.

In 2005, Charlie was approached by the singer-liturgist Lior Almaliach, and was asked to be the production and stage manager, a fact that inspired many liturgists to take part in professional musical productions, an area that up until then was found only in western music.

Today, Charlie manages an Andalusian music and liturgy production company, is connected with all the leading liturgists in all field and genres (Andalusian, Jerusalimite) and provides production services for events big and small. From family gatherings where leading liturgists, singers and cantors are needed, to sizable events where Andalusian orchestras and top liturgists such as Rabbi Chaim Luk, Lior Almaliach and more regularly participate.

Our offices are ready to provide you with unforgettable experiences, professional and trustworthy productions for any event or show, by providing you with the best performers in the industry.

Piyut – Piyutim thanks you for your cooperation and wishes you a pleasant and enjoyable cultural experience.

The Piyut – Piyutim Team.

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